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New lectures by Robin Parry

In these lectures from the Hope and Hell conference (hosted by Gospel Conversations), Robin Parry discusses major topics related to Christian universalism. The videos have been edited by the Reforming Hell blog.    

Marz – Jesus, Savior of All

Marz is a Chicago-based rapper who has dedicated his work to spreading the good news of the reconciliation of the world with God in Christ and the final restitution of all things. In addition to his music, Marz does ‘parking-lot-theology’, sharing his thoughts on the gospel and theological questions.

In memoriam Gary Amirault

Gary Amirault, the founder of Tentmaker Ministries and, has passed away. The ministry of Gary has been a great blessing to many around the world. Gary died of a broken heart after losing his wife, Michelle. is the largest collection of texts on Universal Reconcilation and Christian Universalism available. A great number of people have come to a greater hope in God’s love by, often accidentally, finding in their search for a more gracious gospel.

Tarek Saleeby interviews Robin Parry

Tarek Saleeby (Lebanon) interviews Robin Parry (GB), author of The Evangelical Universalist. Parry explains his reasons for believing that everyone will eventually be saved through Christ. He also convincingly argues that Christian universalism is inside the scope of traditional Christian orthodoxy and should not as such be considered as ‘liberal’ heterodoxy.

The Forgotten Gospel: 2016 session videos

August this year authors and speakers gathered for a conference on “The Forgotten Gospel”, with the intention of “proclaiming the victory of Relentless Love” in Jesus Christ. Amongst the 26 authors and 6 speakers were Brad Jersak, Robin Parry and Ilaria Ramelli. The videos from the conference are available here.