Sergius Bulgakov: The Lamb of God

Sergius Bulgakov (1871–1944) was a Russian Orthodox theologian, philosopher, priest and economist. The Lamb of God is the first volume in his great dogmatic trilogy. Though this volume primarily deals with Christology as informed by Bulgakov’s sophiology, there are also hints of his commitment to the doctrine of the final restoration of all things.

Christ tasted not only His own death but also mortality itself. He died with all humankind; His death included every human death, and it was equivalent to all the deaths in humankind. Christ’s death was universal and universally human, just as His sufferings, psychic and corporeal, dynamically included all human suffering. Herein lies the salvific and resurrecting power of Christ’s death, as the victory over death, as the “death for every man” (Heb. 2:9)

— Sergius Bulgakov, The Lamb of God, p. 374-375

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