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What’s the scriptural basis for calling all people “God’s people”?

By Jack Gillespie. “Well, of course, there aren’t any verses that come right out and say, “all people are now God’s people because of the work of Christ.” If there were, the conversation would be over. But I see it throughout the New Testament (and even suggested in the Old Testament) in the same way some people see Jesus “on every page of the Bible” or the way Paul saw Christ as the rock that Moses struck.”

Guest post by Jack Gillespie, priest in The Lindisfarne Community. The following is a compilation of four posts originally published at Jack’s blog Celtic Oddysey.


A dear friend recently asked me, ‘What’s the scriptural basis for calling all people “God’s people”?’ This is a major sticking point for many, based on the scriptures in the New Testament that seem to indicate that only believers in Christ are children of God.

It’s a great question for which I don’t have a direct answer. I’ll have to see if I can find any “proof texts” that says such (LOL)! Seriously, though, there are several different biblical themes that contribute to my belief in this so this might be a little dense and complicated (In my head, it’s a lot simpler)! To try and help with this, I’ll do a small series of posts that addresses this question.

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