Heath Bradley: Flames of Love – Hell and Universal Salvation

“I believe hell is very real, yet I also believe that a God who is love is also real, and that this God gets the last word.” – Heath Bradley in Flames of Love (2012)

From the book description:

Heath Bradley: Flames of Love (Wipf & Stock 2012)

“Christian universalists believe that ultimately God will reconcile all people through Jesus Christ. While a minority perspective, this view has been held by some of the most venerable and respected theologians throughout the Christian tradition, and has resurfaced in recent years in popular theological discussions. This wide-ranging work, written in a conversational style, draws deeply from biblical studies, early church history, and contemporary philosophy of religion to make the case that Christian universalism is a coherent, compelling, biblical, orthodox option for envisioning the life of the world to come. After offering an introductory exploration and critique of the dominant Christian view of hell, the reader is then guided through chapter-length responses to the major misunderstandings and objections to this position[…]”

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